INCA Fire Barrier Caulk INSS1440

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- Gaps on partition of fire-rated walls
- Gaps on penetrations through floors and ceilings
- Gaps on through-penetration pipes
- Fire rated door

- One-component, gun-grade, ready for use; easy installation
- Excellent resistance to fire consumption, become a solid char after burned
- Without halogen and asbestos
- Water based, no sagging
- Paintable after fully cured
INSS1440 Fire Barrier Caulk is acrylic base firestop sealant, which is used to seal the gaps of various through-penetration with 3 hours fire rating. When INSS1440 is exposed to 1x106 Gy (1x108 rad) neutron and gamma radiation unit, it can still perform good firestop function.